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Transition Coaching

Coaching is an experience you choose because you really do want change and you want it now. I engage in a partnership with you designed to support your move forward into the happy, balanced, fulfilling life in which you are living on your life purpose. 

As your coach, I start with an activity that helps you clarify your life purpose. I listen to you and ask you powerful questions, using my insight and intuition. We  co-create a course of action. I  encourage you, support you, and help you hold yourself accountable. I  use a range of compelling and creative tools to help you deepen understanding of yourself and take the actions needed to achieve true fulfillment. 

I am particularly passionate about helping new leaders step into their new role as leaders in an organization. In fact, a focus of my internal government coaching is developing new leaders who in the next 5-8 years will be on their own facing challenges that can't be foreseen. Coaching  helps them gain skills for navigating and addressing the challenges of the future. 

I also help a variety of individuals who are either working through a transition now, such as going back to work after raising kids, or anticipating one in the near future.   

My overall approach to transition coaching is:

• Clarify your vision, values, goals, passion and purpose 

• Develop strategies and accountability structures to make your transition easier 

• Ensure a successful transition 

• Break through the blocks that prevent you from taking that next step 

Contact me if you are transitioning to leadership or between leadership roles or if you are facing any life transition. Let’s see if I am the right coach for you.

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